Sadie the Airmail Pilot by Kellie Strom

Sadie the Air Mail Pilot is a children’s
picture book by Mr. Kellie Strøm.
(That’s me for short.)

Published in the USA and the UK by David Fickling Books.

Sadie the Airmail Pilot by Kellie Strom
Sadie at The Illustration Cupboard
This year’s Winter Show at The Illustration Cupboard, London, will include a number of original paintings from Sadie the Air Mail Pilot.

The show runs from 19 November 2009 to 31 January 2010 at The Illustration Cupboard, 22 Bury St, St James’s, London SW1, with late night openings until 7.30pm every Thursday until Christmas.

There are some rather fabulous artists included in the show, for example Children’s Laureate Anthony Browne, Angela Barrett, Babette Cole, Lauren Child, Nick Park, Hergé, and rare prints by Maurice Sendak. For more details, visit the gallery website.

Sadie the Airmail Pilot by Kellie Strom

Art show in Finland’s Post Museum
Sadie is called Siiri Peloton Postilentäjä in Finnish. Earlier this year, the Post Museum in Helsinki showed 24 original paintings from the book.

Pictured here is storyteller Tuija Kauhaniemi who gave readings of the book for children at the museum. These were very popular and crowded, with up to 80 children per reading!

The show ran concurrently with a special children’s exhibition titled “Delivering emotions”, and lots of school groups came to visit. The museum estimated that about 10,000 children and adults saw the show.

Missing Painting
The painting shown below is missing, feared stolen. Have you seen it?

They were on show in 2007 at the Ian Logan Design Shop, Charterhouse Square, London EC1. The paintings went missing when the shop closed in January 2008.

This amounts to months of work lost. If you can help, please contact me, I’d greatly appreciate it.

You can download a ‘Wanted’ poster for the paintings here.

A Day at the Races
September ’08

Sam from Lodi, California, is a three year old with talented parents. His mother made this great model of Sadie and her plane for the 20th Aarrooone Cup Air Race.

The plane reached a speed of 34 mph, not the fastest on the day, but pretty darn good. She did however win the Concours d’Elegance for the best looking aircraft - chalk up another one to the Air Mail Service!

More photos and video here.

Plane Spotter’s Guide
The Science Museum in London has a great collection of aircraft on display, including some seen in the pages of Sadie the Air Mail Pilot. I’ve made a plane spotter’s guide to help find them all, and you can colour it in too.

Book reviews
You can read the Publisher’s Weekly review here. Snippets of other reviews are to be found on rBooks.

Here’s a couple of online reviews, one from the Times Educational Supplement website, and another from the Write Away website.

For those of you who can read Danish, there’s a six star (out of six) review from the daily Berlingske Tidene.

Now if only I could find the complete Dutch reviews online, (“een magistraal prentenboek,” Maarten Moll, het Parool, “een verpletterend prentenboek,” Monique Snoeijen, NRC Handelsblad,) then we could open a Sadie language school!

A choice of Sadie paintings are now available as wallpaper murals from Wonderwalls.

They’ve also got a range of other children’s book art, including some very nice Rupert Bear images. Their Sadie selection can be found here.

Foreign editions
Sadie is also being published in Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish!

Here’s a full list of foreign editions.

Lots of thanks
Sadie’s first months in the world were good fun with lots going on.

Thanks to the amazing people at Rubinstein, publishers of the Dutch edition, who got things off to an early start last December with an exhibition of the art at The Cat Cabinet, Amsterdam -

-- and many thanks to everyone at Daunt Books, where I read the book at their weekly children’s story sessions in the South End Green and Holland Park shops -

- and thanks to the children and parents of Eleanor Palmer Primary School who queued for copies at two friday cake sales,

- and thanks to everyone at the Merlin School, Putney, London, especially all the children in years one and two who asked loads of questions and had some great ideas of their own for characters and stories,
- and thanks to the staff at Owl Books, Kentish Town, London, for a very enjoyable Saturday morning reading.

- AND thanks to all at Borders Kingston-upon Thames, and all at Waterstone’s Hampstead and Kensington and Science Museum branches for the fun children’s storytime events, and to the staff at Ealing Road Library and Cricklewood Library for organising fun events as part of the 2008 Summer Reading Challenge. The summer ended with the West London Literary Festival, and a chance to meet up again with dinosaur expert Professor Potts who was also making an appearance. Thanks for the oysters Prof!

For more information about Sadie, contact me at

And finally, here are some children’s books by other authors that you might also enjoy.

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